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Mar. 22nd, 2010

Frank MIC


Because between packing some more and doing something else, this seemed like a better option.

Now I've put tags on all my fics and you can find them on the side. But here is a list anyway.
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Frank MIC

(no subject)

I keep getting "story alerts" and "favorite alerts" from fp for Best friends, but you know what? I would like a review.
I don't think I've had single one in months!
Not even to say it sucks

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Sep. 30th, 2009

Frank MIC

(no subject)

quadratic equations

it brings a cold chill of fear over my body.

May. 13th, 2009

Frank MIC


gah, trying to write and well... I sux.

Best friend's next chp is rather choppy and will need a major rewrite before being posted. ,SPOILER ALERTCollapse )

The F/G fic I started today (at work shhhhh...) has become an original and it feels to me like I'm coping someone's style and not using my own.

BTW do I even have a style? I think I once did...but I'm afraid I've lost it in the sea of writing Bio's or maybe I never did and I've always copied other peoples style and that is why my work is rather mediocre once it is past it's middle point?

EDIT: THANK YOU LAIN for updating now I can read instead of writing. I mean really people whose stories I fallow please update so I can use my very limited free time to read instead of attempting to write. HELLO unjealous and Xanthofile...and all you others!
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May. 10th, 2009

Frank MIC


I went to see Madam Butterfly today at the Arsht Center in Miami. It was BEAUTIFUL, granted the second act was a little slow, but overall it was beautiful.Gosh, I can't remember the singer's name right now but the artist that played Madam Butterfly was wonderful, what a voice and what good acting. Every emotion was portrayed in away that you could feel it, almost reach for it.

I know most people will say Opera? Really? Your into that stuff? (I had 6 people tell me this today) and yes, this is the first time I go, but I've heard it with my grandfather when I was younger. I say take a chance and go see it. I don't know about other places but tickets were like 19 dollars plus tax, we went with valet parking because we didn't know the place very well and were running slightly late, so that was 20 (well worth it I might add) so for 25 say 30 dollars per person we had a really good time. Next time I'm going for better seats, I absolutely believe they would be worth it.

Now about the story if you don't know it. It's about a Japanese girl who marries a North American Soldier/Captain or something (hehe) She falls very much in love and gives up her family and religion for him. Now here I'm not sure if he ever truly loved her or not, but he says "It's a japanese marriage, I marry her for 999 years, but can end it in a month. Nothing is set in stone in the country" He also mentoins later on going to marry for real to an American woman. Act one ends with them declaring their love.

Act two is three years later and she is waiting for him to come back. Everyone tells her he won't but she doesn't believe them. She says he promised and he will. The embasador comes with a letter to tell her he won't be back and she brings out her son who was born after the captain left. She doesn't believe him when she is again told he won't come back. Then she spots his ship coming into the harbor. She cleans her house and waits all night for him.

Third act, he comes back with a woman, his wife. They talk to susuki, her friend/maid and tell her to tell Butterfly to give the child to the woman to raise, they must insure his feature. The captain leaves and says he can't be there when they tell her. Madam Butterfly wakes up and figures everything out. She says that she will give up her son if he comes to get him in half an hour. She cries and and hugs her child, saying goodbye to him and to live with no regrets. She sends him to play, brings a partition and the sword with which her dad committed suicide. Behind the particion she puts the knife to her neck and kills herself as the captain calls her name.

Tragic, beautiful. I loved it. Great mother's day gift.

Apr. 30th, 2009

Frank MIC

(no subject)

I forgot to bring my work home. I'm going to try and write, see if I get something out.

So few questions:

Anyone still interested in anything related to Reflections?

Anyone on LJ interested on Best Friends? or Profe?

If you'd like me to write a fic, what pairing would you like?

Have you read any of my fanfics? or any of my originals? If you have of the unfinished stuff what would you like to see updated?

Apr. 13th, 2009

Frank MIC

(no subject)

I've been slowly working on next chp of Best friends. I want to finish this asap.

So you know how we (I) whatever always say "review don't matter" I notice that though I don't write for them damn does it sting when you get very few to none. Much worst when there are horrible things getting tons.

So I'm going to make an effort to review more. So I now apologize for my sucky (prob going into "Why reviewers suck) reviews.

People I owe reviews to:



Kick my virtual ass if I don't review you at least once this week?...mmm... should I make it two weeks?

Mar. 22nd, 2009

Frank MIC

(no subject)

Well no seems to have read my little short. A bit dissapointed but to be expected after such a long time away. There is also the chance that it completely sucked so no one reviewed...hmm... I'll have to read it over.

For those interested it's from Reflections Universe a little bit about when Frank decides to leave.

I want to start writing again my mind is way too busy, I don't like it when my characters start taking over my dreams...

Goin to try and update something this weekend erm... Sunday. Think maybe bestfriends? Or Profe... Ummm Anyone out there really care?

Mar. 14th, 2009

Frank MIC

(no subject)

A little 500 + word short I'd like to share. It was just now written (while at work) so haven't had time to read it over and fix it, but if I wait til I have time it will be months. How about you all guess what universe it's from? Should be easy thoughCollapse )

Mar. 10th, 2009

Frank MIC

L.A is now unlocked

You can find it here, it's a one shot set after Reflections.

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